The ALERT is at all times prepared to serve her country. Whether it is Maritime Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Drug Interdiction, Fisheries Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, Helicopter Operations or Damage Control, the USCGC ALERT is Semper Paratus!

USCGC ALERT’s primary missions are reflected by her motto, “Rescue, Enforce, Defend.”

Coast Guard missions take the USCGC ALERT all over the Northern Pacific Ocean; from the Maritime Boundary Line between Russia and the United States and the coastal waters off the Washington, Oregon, and California. USCGC ALERT also travels the warm waters of the Central and South American coasts.

She patrols the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone to protect living marine resources from foreign fishing interests and board domestic fishing vessels to enforce federal and state fisheries and vessel safety laws. USCGC ALERT also enforces laws regarding illegal immigration and the detection, monitoring and interdiction of many forms of contraband.

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