Please join us in welcoming USS Princeton (CG-59) to LA Fleet Week 2023!


Commanding Officer: CAPT Victor B. Sheldon

Executive Officer: CDR Matthew Todd

Command Master Chief: CMDCM (SW/AW) Regita J. Perry


Homeport: San Diego, Calif.

Motto: Honor and Glory

Class and Type: Ticonderoga-class cruiser (CG)


The Princeton (CG 59) is the 13th Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser and the sixth U.S. Navy ship to bear the name of Princeton. The ship has completed three deployments to the Arabian Gulf and won two consecutive Battle Efficiency Awards in 1992-1993. Princeton was the first Ticonderoga-class cruiser to carry the upgraded AN/SPY-1B radar system.


Length 567 ft. 

Beam 55 ft.

Draft 34 ft.

Displacement 9,800 tons (full load)

Speed: 32.5 kts.

Crew: 24 Officers 340 Enlisted



  • 2 MK-45 MOD 4 5″/54 caliber lightweight gun
  • 2 MK-41 VML for Standard Missiles, Anti-Submarine  Rocket (ASROC) and Tomahawk ASM/LAM (127 Cells)
  • 2 Harpoon Missile Quad-Canister Launchers (MK-141)
  • 2 MK 32 MOD 14 Torpedo Tubes – 6 MK-46 torpedoes  
  • 2 MK 15 MOD 25 Close-in-Weapons Systems (CIWS)  
  • 2 MK 38 MOD 2 25mm Machine Gun System (MGS)  
  • 1 MK 36 MOD 2 Super Rapid-Blooming Off-Board Chaff System  
  • 2 50-Caliber Machine Guns


Commissioned: February 11, 1989

Builder: Ingalls Shipbuilding, West Bank, Pascagoula, Miss.



Past port calls and visits include: Bahrain, Guam, Kenya, Philippines, Seychelles, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates 

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