LA Fleet Week is happy to welcome USS Cincinnati (LCS-20) to this year’s celebration of our sea services!


Commanding Officer: CMDR Robert Burke
Executive Officer: CDR Eric Hernandez
Command Master Chief: CMDCS (SW/AW) Sarah E. Morales

Motto: Strength in Unity

Class and Type: Independence-class littoral combat ship (LCS)

The USS Cincinnati was designed to provide the Navy with modern, sea-based platforms that are
networked, survivable, and built to operate with 21st century transformational platforms. The
ship is equipped with Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) protection from air threats, features
improved nuclear blast and fragmentation protection and a shock-hardened structure. The
fiber-optic shipboard-wide area network (SWAN) allows “plug in and fight” configuration,
updating and replacing hardware more easily when newer technology becomes available.

Length: 418 ft
Beam: 104 ft
Draft: 14 ft
Displacement: 2784 tons (full)
Speed: 40+ knots
Crew: 8 officers, 32 enlisted, plus up to 35 mission crew

– 1 MK 110 Mod 0 57mm Gun system
– 1 SeaRAM PDWS Launcher
– 4 .50 Cal Machine guns
– Mission modules

Commissioned: Oct. 5, 2019
Builder: Austal USA, Mobile, AL

Past port calls and visits include: Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama

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